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Monta Vista Capital  puts entrepreneur first. We focus on seed stage B2B companies that have unique insights about how to transform an industry with the use of cutting edge technology. We look for founding teams that are subject matter experts.

Not only do we bring decades of investment experience to the table, but we are also entrepreneurs at heart. We have been there, and we know what it takes to successfully build a game-changing company.

At Monta Vista Capital, we take a hands-on approach to assisting our portfolio companies. We brainstorm with the founders about the product, strategy and culture issues. We help them secure their initial employees and customers. Our wide network is second to none—not only does this help us connect with great entrepreneurs, but we also have experts in every industry to whom we turn during our rigorous due diligence process. We have professional relationships with a large number of  C-level executives from diverse industries. 



We've Been There

As innovators and active investors in startups, we have an acute understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. Our knowledge extends beyond pure operational expertise; we have empathy for the entrepreneur, above all else. We understand the highs and lows, as well as the burden of responsibilities that come with building a successful company from the ground up. We know how to add value, and when to adopt a more hands-off approach in order to see a vision come to life.

Entrepreneur Friendly

We know that you are pressed for time, so we don’t take up too much of it. Because our team has a great depth of understanding in technology and business, we have the ability to make an investment decision in one or two meetings. We don’t invest based on preconceived notions of how much ownership we should have in a company. If we decide to invest, we do so from the standpoint of what is a fair valuation and how much capital is necessary for the company to succeed. Having been in your shoes before, we want to be honest and straightforward—this means no low-ball valuations, predatory liquidation preferences and other onerous terms.

Help Beyond Funding

We do not presume to have all of the answers. We do, however, have the benefit of pattern recognition and the experience of nurturing many successful startups. Whether it is helping with brainstorming product features, thinking through company positioning or recruiting talent, we want to lend a hand. We hope to build a relationship where we are your first call in the event of a problem or crisis. We have an extensive network of relationships with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives in Silicon Valley and beyond. A large number of them are our Limited Partners who have a vested interest in helping our portfolio companies.




$500k - $1.5M

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We look for founding teams with deep domain expertise, defensible IP, and the potential to transform an industry.

Fund I Investments

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Fund II Investments

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